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Self taught web designer focusing on customer satisfaction and proper internet etiquette. After spending 25 years in my first career I began my own web design agency and have grown to include many local clients and also some National & International clients. I have experience with computers dating back 24 years and have been sharpening my webdesign and graphic skills since 1998. I am a outgoing individual who like a challenge and can't stop until I find a solution. Take a look at some of my work below and contact me to get started today.

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Quinn Tardo
909 Hailey Ave.
Slidell, LA 70458 US



University of Life

Master in Graphic Design April 2007

I have accomplished many accolades over the course of my career. Learning on some of the most primitive graphics software available at the turn of the century. Thats right I have been doing graphics nearly 20 years. Needless to say things have only progressed and gotten a tad more complex over the years.

School of Cool Designers

B.A. Degree in Graphic Design March 2003

There are many aspects to graphic design which need to be addressed when creating images. Some images are modified in a sense that will reduce the file size to optimize web loading times, while other images are pumped up to the recommended dpi required by the print supplier, which causes them to grow exponentially.


True-Web Internet Design LLC

Senior Web Designer October 2010 - Present

After discovering my passion for art and graphic design I began to mold my web building skills on a simple free site called "Angelfire" Since then I have grown my design portfolio and expanded my hosting to include over 100 domains. I have built simple sites to complex and even e-commerce sites, including features requested by my clients. I do my best to work with each client to create the website they desire.

Slidell PC Repair

Lead Technician March 2012 - Present

After taking on a new career in 2010 with my web design agency, I soon realized the need for a repair division of my business. Thus launching Slidell PC Repair, I have worked on countless PC's, MAC's, Networks and Printers. We can diagnose and either repair or recommend replacement when needed. We handle Repairs, Upgrades, Virus Removal and Software Installs.


I have gained many different skills since entering the computer field and webdesign. I learned the basics using 2 tools Fireworks and Dreamweaver, from a small company known as "Macromedia" they were the original engineers of the Flash program. Adobe was already a powerplayer with their Photoshop image editor and the .pdf file format going their way and within a few years Adobe had bought Macromedia. Since then HTML has evolved and transformed with the incorporation of css and javascript allowing elements to be manipulated in a whole new way. This trade is ever changing therefore you always need to stay on top of the latest trends and security features required to stay safe and innovative.

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Wordpress
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • jQuery

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Client Testimonials

  • Great personal attention, easy to work with and very agreeable to updating and changes. Best of all, very reasonable prices for the amount of personal attention given.

    Steve W.
  • Highly recommended!!

    Brina F.

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